University of Cambridge's CIE Website

CIE's Page describing AS Environmental Management.
You can also download samples of past examination papers and their marking schemes.

Some Great Sites for AP Exam Review!

Dr. Ewoldson's APES Review page
This is a set of excellent review resources posted by a fellow APES teacher. Be sure to click on 115 Key terms- This is the "Ways to go APES" That we talked about in class!

Tips for good FRQ writing
Most importantly: Don't Panic!

More Resources for your enjoyment!

The Environmental Literacy Council
Homework help, news articles, and an amazingly comprehensive overview of environmental issues.

U.S. Geological Survey, "The Water Cycle."
Site features a wonderful diagram of the water cycle and an in-depth discussion of each of the 15 topics on the diagram.

College Board
Your resource for all things AP. You can download course descriptions, sample AP questions and much more.

The World Population Clock
Watch in amazement as the population of the earth grows in number before your eyes!

The Garrett Hardin Society
Learn about the history behind the Tradgedy of the Commons, and read the original 1968 essay by Hardin.

Life on a Crowded Planet
A free downloadable book offering a perspective on the long term sustainability of life as we know it.

APES Resources and News
A nice site designed particulary for APES Students. Lots of info from scholarships & college credit info to environmental news and organizations.

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