Candidates will produce a report of 1500–2000 words on an issue arising out of their course of study.

    A. The report may focus on a local, regional, natonal or global issue.

    B. Whilst the issue may derive out of the traditional areas of environmental science, the report must contain an investigation and evaluation of the management issues associated with the topic.

    C. The research topic may be chosen from any part of the 4 units of this syllabus.

    D. Whilst secondary source material is useful in providing background information, it is important that candidates use primary sources and collect field data.

    E. Candidates may use sources of information other than those obtained from field study; these may include the internet, the media, documented data from companies and organisations.

    F. The report is also a test of a candidate’s ability to confine their report to the word limit of 2000 words; over-long reports may contain too much extraneous material which may count against the candidate at final marking.

    G. Candidates are expected to clearly identify an environmental management issue and then organise their report into the following stages of:

      1. An introduction identifying an issue expressed through a hypothesis or question.

      2. A methodology, which outlines the investigative avenues used for the study and justifies their use.

      3. A results and analysis section.

        a) This should form the main part of the study and contain data expressed through illustrative techniques such as pictorial (diagrams and photographs), tables and graphs.

        b) This illustrative material should be analysed through detailed descriptions and explanations.

      4. A conclusion which draws together the findings of the investigation.

      5. An evaluation of the study which assesses its success and/or shortcomings.

    H. To ensure that they comply with the requirements of the syllabus, Centres must seek approval for project titles, in advance, from CIE.

      1. The approval form asks for candidate details, project title and a brief description for each candidate.

      2. Centres must submit candidates’ report proposals to CIE no later than November 30, 2010 for the examination in the following May/June.

      3. All Individual Research & Write-Ups must be complete and ready for evaluation by April 1, 2011

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