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Welcome to Environmental Science! I designed this website for you to use to keep up with all of our learning activities, notes and labs. On the left side of this page there is a link for each major unit of study. As the year progresses, I will add many of your assignments, notes, etc to the pages so you can download them. Use the "Contact Ms. Evans" link above to send me an email message if you have any questions. Remember, the goal this year is to gain a greater appreciation for the world around us, so don't forget to go out and enjoy the bounties of nature!

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Chapter 1 Test Thursday 9/22
Download a copy of the chapter 1 study guide if you need an extra copy. Happy Studying!

Progress reports go home Tuesday 9/28.
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    Environmental Science is the study of all the interactions between humans and the earth. Environmental Science is intended as a basic overview of how the systems of the earth work, and the effects that human activities have on these systems. In addition, you will be learning the skills and habits of mind of a scientist. Knowing how observe, ask questions, and explore the answers to those questions in an organized manner is essential to any study of science. Environmental science is not just a collection of facts to be memorized for a test. Environmental science is a lifelong exploration of the world which surrounds us.

    The adventure begins NOW!

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